Friday, August 23, 2019


New Heights of Equality

With a sweeping set of updates and actions over the past month, Shaker Heights this week became the 26th Ohio locality to pass comprehensive and inclusive protections for the LGBTQ+ community.

Stranger Danger

Following the recent murder and assault of two gay men in Detroit via Grindr, BRAVO offers tips to stay safe

25 and Counting!

After a 3+ hour meeting on Monday night and in front of an overflowing crowd of hundreds, Medina took a huge step forward in the fight for equality as they became the 25th Ohio community to pass comprehensive protections for the LGBTQ+ community.
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Representative Candice Keller Won’t Resign. Now What?

The significance of such a bigoted voice being present in the Ohio Statehouse cannot be overstated, so we offer forth some DOs and DON’Ts to navigate Candice Keller remaining an Ohio lawmaker.

EDITOR’S LETTER: Hold Representative Candice Keller Accountable

When I offhandedly hear that someone has placed the blame for a national tragedy at the feet of the LGBTQ+ community, I usually just roll my eyes. Rarely do I care about the desperate ravings of some random televangelist (not my faith) or far-away elected dogcatcher (not my community).


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Health Provider Guide


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Off the High Dive

Popular culture usually portrays the pool party as a light-hearted, carefree experience. However, it can be anything but for individuals who attend, only to find themselves judged based on their appearance.

A Matter of Method(ists)

Prizm News / June 10, 2019 / By Joshua Culbertson (Photo courtesy of the West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church) Reflections from the recent West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church By Joshua Culbertson As someone who has spent time on...

Oberlin Alumnus Shares Trans Experience Through Country Music

Prizm News / April 1, 2019 / By David-Elijah Nahmod "Now that there is more visibility, people are hearing our stories in new ways," says singer/songwriter Eli Conley, who will perform Wednesday in Oberlin, where he graduated from college in 2008. (Photo by Brooke Porter) A Tuesday workshop and...

One of Us: Gregory A. King

Prizm News / April 1, 2019 / By Prizm News (Photo by Corey Melton) Gregory A. King Hometown: KentIdentifies As: GayPronouns: He/Him/His When Gregory King was a grad student in Texas, he was asked to read the works of scholars who represented a...
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