Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Kent State Basketball Player Finds Acceptance On and Off the Court

Prizm News / March 1, 2019 / By Austin Mariasy Monique Smith is the only bisexual player on the Kent State University women's basketball team. “At the end of the day, I’m still Mo," she says. "I’m still a basketball player. I’m here to play basketball.” (Prizm photo by Austin Mariasy)

One of Us: Nate Moster

Prizm News / March 1, 2019 / By Staley Munroe Nate Moster Hometown: CincinnatiIdentifies As: GayPronouns: He/Him/HisInstagram: @foxandfellowcincy Nate Moster calls himself “a corporate-turned-creative.” “I worked in marketing for 15 years, and after six years at a global...

There’s an Art to Felicia DeRosa’s Activism

Prizm News / March 1, 2019 / By Staley Munroe Felicia DeRosa in her Columbus art studio. (Prizm photo by Staley Munroe) The Columbus artist and educator has long addressed social themes in her work. Now she uses a bullhorn, too. By Staley Munroe

All the Happiness She Deserves…

Prizm News / March 1, 2019 / By Bob Vitale Prizm Creative Director Staley Munroe and Daniel Myers are getting married in March. Best wishes to a friend who makes the world a more loving and beautiful place. Commentary By Bob Vitale
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One of Us: Vanessa and Rachel Rosario

Prizm News / February 1, 2019 / By Vanessa Rosario Rachel Rosario and Vanessa RosarioHometown: Cleveland Identify As: Lesbians Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Vanessa and Rachel...

Marriage Equality: ‘The Gift That Keeps on Giving’

Prizm News / February 1, 2019 / By Bob Vitale Rachel and Cindy Morris are among four LGBTQ couples featured in the February issue of Prizm. (Photo by Renee Freeman Photography)

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In Cincinnati Exhibit, Queer Artist Asks 1,000 Questions About Race

Prizm News / February 27, 2019 / By Prizm News Selina Thompson's "Race Cards" is being shown through Saturday at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. (Photo © Manuel-Vason at DARC Media, courtesy of the Contemporary Arts Center) And Selina Thompson wants to hear your answers as part of her...

NewNowNext Has Video of Season 11 Entrances for Every Queen

Prizm News / February 25, 2019 / By Prizm News Nina West enters first. Let's hope she leaves last. By Prizm News Season 11 of "RuPaul's Drag Race" starts Thursday, Feb. 28 on VH1. NewNowNext has a preview, with the first 16 minutes...

Five Reasons Why Nina West Could Win It All

Prizm News / February 25, 2019 / By Bob Vitale Season 11 of "RuPaul's Drag Race" premieres Thursday, Feb. 28 on VH1. 'I'm here to do me,' says the pageantwinner, theater veteran, comic and philanthropist. That might be enough to win the 'RPDR' Season 11...

Watch the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus at Hockey Is for Everyone Night

Prizm News / February 25, 2019 / By Prizm News By Prizm News The Columbus Blue Jackets have never lost when the Columbus Gay Men's Chorus sings the National Anthem for the crowd at Nationwide Arena. OK, so it's only been twice, but still, we see a pattern...
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