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PRIZM Digital Issue January 2019

PRIZM News Digital Issue January 1, 2019

A Look Back at Pride Across Ohio in 2018

Prizm News / December 31, 2018 / By Bob Vitale Ohioans celebrated Pride in 17 cities in 2018, from the shores of Lake Erie to the banks of the Ohio River. Here's a look at them all.  

Kasich Revises 2011 Nondiscrimination Order to Include Gender Identity

Prizm News / December 19, 2018 / By Bob Vitale His move to protect state employees hands the issue to Gov.-elect Mike DeWine, who takes office in January.   By Bob Vitale   With less than a month to go before he leaves office, Gov. John Kasich has revised one of his first official acts as Ohio's leader and added gender identity to a nondiscrimination...

Online Petition Asks Columbus to Install Rainbow Crosswalks in the Short North

Prizm News / December 18, 2018 / By Bob Vitale Cities across the world have turned pedestrian crossings into symbols of pride.   By Bob Vitale More than 1,500 people have signed an online petition asking Columbus officials to turn a crosswalk in the Short North into a symbol of LGBTQ pride. Cities around the world—including Cincinnati and Dayton—have painted pedestrian crosswalks with rainbow stripes. Columbus...
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One of Us: Chrisondra Goodwine

Prizm News / January 1, 2019 / By Briana Snyder Chrisondra Goodwine Hometown: Dayton Identifies As: Bisexual Pronouns: She/Her/Hers   Give us a brief bio and tell us what you’re all about. I’m Chrisondra. I was raised in Dayton. I attended Dayton Public Schools,...

Happy New Year, Mike DeWine! FYI, It’s 2019, not 1969

Prizm News / December 31, 2018 / By Bob Vitale As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, we can't turn the clock back.   Commentary by Bob Vitale Happy New Year!   How happy was it for LGBTQ Americans 50 years ago, at the...

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Interview: Astrid S, Lush Electronic Pop Ingénue

Prizm News / December 18, 2018 / By Brad Henry By Brad Henry Astrid S, Lush Electronic Pop Ingénue is an international pop sensation with over 1 billion listens on Spotify. She has a No. 1 single in her home country of Norway; has a five-time platinum single, "Hurts so Good"; won a Grammy Award in Norway and opened for openly...

Aaron Taos, Don’t Fall For the Baby Blues, Fall for the Music

Prizm News / December 18, 2018 / By Brad Henry   By Brad Henry Aaron Taos is a young artist whose sound is a blend of a modern-day southern Cali surf, hip-hop, pop and singer songwriter. Many of his songs sound straight from a Quentin Tarantino or "Twin Peaks" soundtrack. I first discovered Taos through a late-night Spotify hole where the single "Voodoo"...

The Synthesis of Lisa Bella Donna

Prizm News / December 1, 2018 / By Daniel Myers Music has taken the Ohioan all over the world. And it helped her embrace her true self.   By Daniel Myers Walking into a room with Lisa Bella Donna is perhaps the best way to begin a conversation with her.   The whispered recognition from pockets of the room reveals the celebrity she carries as...

Brandon Stansell Pours His Heart Into ‘Hometown’

Prizm News / November 14, 2018 / By Brad Henry Up-and-coming country artist tells a coming-out story with his latest single. By Brad Henry Brandon Stansell is an out country artist who was featured on Billboard’s Queer Necessities playlist in August. Rolling Stone called him “a country artist you need to know.” Stansell pours his heart and soul out in his new video,...
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