Monday, August 19, 2019

There’s No Place Like Piqua

Prizm News / October 1, 2018 / By Erin McCalla   A one-man show taking the stage this month in Columbus takes the author back to his hometown in Western Ohio. By Erin McCalla Growing up, no matter where you’re from, is about...

Curtains Up

Prizm News / June 10, 2019 / By Celina Nader Cast of the Vultures(Photo courtesy of Evolution Theatre) Evolution Theatre Company embarks on a new season of laughs, drama,...

Festival Festivities

When the Ohio Lesbian Festival (OLF) opted to boldly use the word ‘lesbian’ in its title, organizers and participants stood at the forefront of shaping a society free from oppression. Now an incredible 30 years later, OLF’s diverse assortment of performances, activities, and educational workshops continue to allow women to express themselves freely and grow without fear of being ostracized, not just within the festival grounds but in every area of their lives.

Interview: The Haunting Sounds of Ellysse Mason

Prizm News / January 13, 2019 / By Brad Henry By Brad Henry Ellysse Mason is young budding artist from Manchester, UK. At 23,  her sound beacons the early days of Sarah McLachlan’s, “Possession.” There is rich depth to her voice...

10 Songs To Know

Prizm News / September 24, 2018 / By Brad Henry Editor's Note: Today we kick off a new weekly feature at featuring music recommendations from DJ Brad Henry of Columbus. Brad DJ'd June's Mike Pence Protest/Dance Party during the...

Oberlin Alumnus Shares Trans Experience Through Country Music

Prizm News / April 1, 2019 / By David-Elijah Nahmod "Now that there is more visibility, people are hearing our stories in new ways," says singer/songwriter Eli Conley, who will perform Wednesday in...

One of Us: Gregory A. King

Prizm News / April 1, 2019 / By Prizm News (Photo by Corey Melton) Gregory A. King Hometown: KentIdentifies As: GayPronouns: He/Him/His When...

Pages of Ohio Love

Prizm News / May 13, 2019 / By David-Elijah Nahmod Now I'm Here, by Jim Provenzano Prizm reviews a recent novel depicting love lost and found in small town Ohio

Amplifying Queer Quills

Billed as the “largest gathering of queer readers northeast Ohio has seen in years,” the evening features a collection of over a dozen queer poets, storytellers, and spoken word performers.

Sofi Tukker’s ‘Batsh*t’ Crazy Ride Makes a Columbus Stop This Week

Prizm News / September 23, 2018 / By Brad Henry Since last year's Apple commercials, the duo has gone come from obscurity to Top 40 radio.    Sofi Tukker will perform on Thursday, Oct. 11 in Columbus at A&R Music Bar, 391 Neil...
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