Friday, May 24, 2019

A Queer-Spawn Tale

Prizm News / April 30, 2019 / By Ken Schneck (Photo courtesy of Lara Lillibridge) Cleveland’s Lara Lillibridge discusses what it’s like to put her life as the child...

Notes of Change

Prizm News / April 23, 2019 / By Ken Schneck Windsong Celebrates a New Season and 40 Years of Changing Lives Through Music By Ken Schneck

Amplifying Queer Quills

Billed as the “largest gathering of queer readers northeast Ohio has seen in years,” the evening features a collection of over a dozen queer poets, storytellers, and spoken word performers.

All Kinds of Fierce

Of note, this year’s Festival also will showcase two headliner firsts: Jesse Factor, a contemporary dancer, will be the first non-drag, non-burlesque headliner, and Crocodile Lightning will be the first trans headliner.

Oberlin Alumnus Shares Trans Experience Through Country Music

Prizm News / April 1, 2019 / By David-Elijah Nahmod "Now that there is more visibility, people are hearing our stories in new ways," says singer/songwriter Eli Conley, who will perform Wednesday in...

One of Us: Gregory A. King

Prizm News / April 1, 2019 / By Prizm News (Photo by Corey Melton) Gregory A. King Hometown: KentIdentifies As: GayPronouns: He/Him/His When...

There’s an Art to Felicia DeRosa’s Activism

Prizm News / March 1, 2019 / By Staley Munroe Felicia DeRosa in her Columbus art studio. (Prizm photo by Staley Munroe) The Columbus artist and educator has long addressed...

In Cincinnati Exhibit, Queer Artist Asks 1,000 Questions About Race

Prizm News / February 27, 2019 / By Prizm News Selina Thompson's "Race Cards" is being shown through Saturday at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. (Photo © Manuel-Vason at DARC Media, courtesy...

Ahead of Cincinnati Show, Morgxn Talks About Connecting Through His Music

Prizm News / February 4, 2018 / By Daniel Myers morgxn will perform Friday, Feb. 8 at Top Cats in Cincinnati. (Photo courtesy of morgxn, via Facebook) 'I was afraid...

Interview: Crush Club, Making Music Fun Again

Prizm News / January 13, 2019 / By Brad Henry By Brad Henry The Crush Club was one of the most refreshing finds of 2018.   Crush Club is a duo: TC Milan and Le Chev from NYC. The sound is best...
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