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Staley Jophiel Munroe

Staley Jophiel Munroe
Staley Munroe is the creative director of Prizm. A Columbus native, Staley's career spans from NY to LA, working as a photographer, art director, and coordinator within the creative/fashion industries. Limited Brands, Hollywood film sets, New York Fashion Week, and several magazines have trusted her instincts for impactful visualization. As a proud, resilient transgender woman, Staley vigorously fights for equality and is a frequent speaker with the intent to increase awareness and understanding of transgender life. Contact:
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Prizm News / November 13, 2018 / By Staley Munroe (Photo credit: Mike and Claire) On the eve of their Columbus debut, the cabaret performer talks about their career, identity and where they find inspiration.   By Staley Munroe Mx Justin Vivian Bond makes their Columbus debut Thursday at 8 p.m. at the Southern Theatre, on special invite of the queer art collective fierce pussy, whose work is on view through March at the Columbus...
Prizm News / October 1, 2018 / By Staley Munroe Malik Jackson / Kardi Redd Diamond Home: Canton Identifies As: Gay Pronouns: He/Him/His   When he’s onstage as Kardi Redd Diamond in Cleveland, Canton, Akron, Youngstown and beyond, Malik Jackson is thinking of four things. “It means I’m changing lives, I’m living my dreams, following my heart and achieving my goals,” says the 24-year-old Canton resident whose stage is expanding now beyond Ohio’s borders. Jackson,...
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Prizm News / August 1, 2018 / By Staley Munroe The secret to success for the social media star and model? 'It's about finding somebody who inspires you and keeping the ball rolling.'   By Staley Munroe “I finally feel at home and at peace with the person that I am now,” Gigi Gorgeous told her YouTube audience in December 2013. Five years earlier, a four-minute, 26-second video titled, “Gregory Gorgeous Makeup Routine” launched...
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