Prizm News / June 18, 2019 / By Ken Schneck

Organizer Charlie H. A Stewart and Dkéama Alexis welcome attendees to the second annual Community Pride.
Photos by Ken Falk

Scenes from the 2nd Annual Columbus Community Pride

Inclusivity, safety, and empowerment stood at the heart of the 2nd Annual Columbus Community Pride, which has hosted myriad events over the past few weeks. The celebration was created in 2018 to center queer and trans people of color in the Pride narrative. 

“Big city prides have become heavily corporate, which devalues the individual, and feature a plethora of alcohol choices for a community that has a big problem with addiction,” says Charlie H. A. Stewart, one of the event organizers. “Columbus Community Pride diversifies who is able to plan the event, giving the most marginalized and disenfranchised a voice, which then inherently uplifts queer and trans people of color.” 

This year’s festivities included an LGBTQTIES Burlesque Show, a Spoken Word Live Art/Performances event, a Queer Club Night at The Olde Oak, a skating party, and a screening of the documentary “Free Cece!” with an appearance from Cece McDonald, the subject of the film. The events culminated in the Community Pride Festival on Saturday, June 15 at Mayme Moore Park featuring performances and visual art by queer and trans artists of color, POC-owned food trucks, and a whole lot of community, creativity and joy. 

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Prizm was on the scene at the Festival to capture images of the celebration.