Prizm News / May 25, 2018 / By Staley Munroe

The Season 10 queen will perform in Columbus on Sunday and in Akron come July.

By Staley Munroe

You’ll have a couple chances to see Asia O’Hara in Ohio this summer.

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The “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 10 contestant will perform Sunday at Axis in Columbus,  and on Saturday, July 28 at Interbelt Nightclub in Akron.

Sunday’s show at Axis Doors includes a meet-and-greet at 10 p.m. Nina West and Virginia West host the party, which lasts until 3 a.m.

Click here for tickets.

Tell us how you’re feeling after DragCon.

DragCon was very re-energizing! Seeing all the faces, especially of children that have strong supportive connections w their parents was rejuvenating! I’m so glad it happened in the middle of the current season, so we as a cast got that extra boost of energy from all our supporters!

What has drag’s social media power come to mean to you after “RuPaul’s Drag Race”?

For me, drag was always personally an escape from reality, fundamentally. Now with this new broad platform of social media, we queens have the opportunity to impact and change the world.

So many people can now watch and see familiar struggles and issues they have in their own day-to-day lives, and I hope they’re watching and seeing that they’re not alone. The impact is so much bigger now than purely entertainment!

It’s not just pretend, now you get to see these queens are real people, each pursuing a better opportunity to impact the world.

You’re vocal about your faith. What encouragement would you offer to other LGBTQ individuals who are struggling with reconciling their faith to who they are?

The thing about faith is it’s a different journey for everyone. Faith is so much bigger than anybody could ever decipher or know every aspect of how it works. It is defined differently for each person.

But when you find it, you’ll know it and have the confirmation that you’re on the right path. Different people have different ideas about faith, so work within yourself and your own personality, finding who you are as an individual.

Faith is in us, and around us, and inside each of you. So it’s OK if it looks different than someone else’s.

What are the three biggest lessons learned since your time on RPDR?

Always remember who you are. This was a life-changing piece of advice from Ru.

When The Vixen was eliminated, I learned that anytime you have a tool you can use to enrich the lives of others, use it!

Do what you’ve always done, and you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Meaning success requires trying new things or doing things differently. And then if it works, remember it, and apply it to everything you touch.

What’s next for you, and how can your fans be most supportive?

I want to do everything i can to make the world of drag better for everyone, fostering more inclusion for all walks of life, with more rewards for everyone.

Drag is on the upward climb, not just within our community, but every community. It’s in people’s homes now! My fans can be most supportive by not considering themselves fans, but friends.

I want them to consider themselves friends of all queens and to remember that art is subjective. It’s OK to have your favorites, but it’s not OK to be disrespectful to those who aren’t.


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