Prizm News / February 1, 2018
Photo by Staley Munroe

Home: Originally Saigon, South Vietnam; I grew up mainly in Cincinnati, and I now live in Columbus

Identifies As: Gay

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Where do you derive love from the most in your world?
My family and friends. They show and remind me what I don’t always see about myself. That helps me learn to be more loving about myself. In turn, I give that love back, and to others.

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If you could send a Valentine to anyone in the entire world right now, who would it be and what would you say?
A dear, close friend. There’s always been a place in my heart for him.

I would say: I know we established boundaries as friends. That’s out of respect for each other, and I’m cool with that. We always built each other up, and I’m always appreciative of that. As we’ve gotten close from the years we’ve known each other, I’ve considered you family. I’ve talked about being more, but this type of friendship is really important to you, which is a line that probably will never be crossed. In this valentine, I hope that you will continue to find a bond and respect, in others; that I will always hold close.

Who is your ultimate celebrity crush, and why?
Justin Timberlake, hands down!

He can sing, dance, act, etc. He is an artist, a humanitarian, successful, down-to-earth and demonstrated growth from his experiences.

He has a great work ethic (he got on stage even though he was sick, and you saw it in his face, but he put on a great show). He’s also goofy (check out some of his past Facebook vids) and just enjoys life and what he’s doing.

Also, he’s extremely nice on the eyes.

Bob Vitale
A Toledo native and graduate of Toledo Public Schools, Bob has worked as a local government and politics reporter for The Columbus Dispatch, as a Washington correspondent for Thomson Newspapers and as editor-in-chief for Outlook Ohio. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science from Ball State University and a master's degree in public affairs reporting from the University of Illinois-Springfield.